The process of Trencadis is breaking up small parts of ceramic, stone, or glass and a revolutionary new process by Trencadis in Spain where they can be sheeted in such a way that when laid, joints between sheets are consistent and seamless.

Trencadis offers a variety of mosaic styles and colours, all of which are customizable to best adapt to your requirements.

We are also available to fabricate in specific colours that may better suit the aesthetic requirements of the architect or designer.

The majority of our works are done in standard ceramic tile but we also offer the option to fabricate Trencadis in other materials such as impervious porcelain & white tiles, special glazes, marble, natural stones and special textures such as anti-slip.

Trencadis in alternative materials are made using the same fabrication procedure: tile rectification, breakage, tesserae size selection

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